Gürkan Genç Continues His European Tour

Gürkan Genç who will ride through 7 countries in 7 years with the sponsorship of Atılım University has been breaking new grounds just like his Turkey-Japan tour.

The passes in the Alps he succeeded to cross:

Hochtannberg Pass in Austria (1675m)

Grimsel Pass (2165m), Furka Pass (2436m), San Gottardo Pass (2016m) in Switzerland

Rolle Pass (1984m), Bochetta Pass (772m) in Italy


He also succeeded to cross the most famous passages of the France cycling race in France and managed to pass the highest crossing point for vehicles in Europe.


Col De Bonette (2802m the highest crossing point for vehicles in Europe)

ColduLautaret (2058m)

ColduTelegraphe (1566m) 

ColduGalibier (2642 m)

Col de L’Iseran (2750m)


After his success of passing the highest crossing point for vehicles in Europe, he aims at passing the only desert of Europe. (The highest climbing of Gürkan Genç is in the Pamir mountains (4650 m) in Tajikistan.


Gürkan Genç started his world tour from Ankara in 9 September 2012 and  succeeded to finish his travel to Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy in 11 months and he is now in the Alps in France.

After France, Gürkan Genç will ride through Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Portugal respectively. It is possible to follow his travels from his personal web page.

With the Project “Pedalling for the Future”, he has reminded people that a bicycle is a way of transportation and he has provided young people with financial support for their travel to Turkey. He has been sharing his memories, photos and videos in his personal web page.


It is also possible to follow Gürkan Genç through social media.