2013-2014 Academic Year Opening Ceremony

2013-2014 Academic Year Opening Ceremony of Atılım University was held on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 in Orhan Zaim Conference Hall located in the Faculty of Law.

The ceremony, in which the Chairman and the Members of the Board of Trustees, the President, the Vice Presidents, the Faculty Deans and administrative and academic personnel as well as students participated, opened with the audience rising to their feet to sing the national anthem coming right after the one-minute silence.

The opening speech was delivered by Prof. Abdurrahim Özgenoğlu (PhD), President of Atılım University.

After the opening speech, a small classical music concert was given by Prof. Engin Sansa (PhD) and Metin Munzur and it was accompanied by Sultan Menteşe, a very talented and promising ballerina.

After the concert, the very first lecture of the academic year titled “State of Law” was delivered by Prof. Metin Günday (PhD).

The awards and plaques of the academic members who were promoted and of the academic and administrative personnel who have been working at Atılım University for the last 10 years were presented to them by Yalçın Zaim, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Later on, the academic staff members whose papers and other academic writings were published in international indexed journals were awarded certificates of appreciation by Prof. Abdurrahim Özgenoğlu (PhD), President, Prof. Hasan Akay (PhD), Provost and Prof. İsmail Bircan (PhD), Vice President.  

The ceremony ended with a cocktail.