MATH611 - Mathematical Analysis (3 + 0) 5

Sets and mappings, countable and uncountable sets, real number system, completeness; metric spaces, complete metric spaces; Banach fixed point theorem; sequences and series of functions, sigma algebras, measures, integral with respect to measure, convegence theorems (monotone and dominated), modes of convergence.

MATH622 - Advanced Linear Algebra (3 + 0) 5

Basic linear algebra, linear transformations, the structure of a linear operator, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, real and complex inner product spaces, structure theory for normal operators, metric vector spaces: the theory of bilinear forms, Hilbert spaces, tensor products, operator factorizations: QR and singular values.

MATH682 - Seminar (0 + 0) 5

Each PhD student is expected to give a presentation on his/her thesis work and attend the seminars conducted by other students and academic staff.

MATH689 - Qualification Exam (0 + 0) 30

Topics covered in curriculum courses and related topics.

MATH691 - Thesis Proposal (0 + 0) 20

Research topics covered in Mathematics

MATH697 - Doctoral Thesis (0 + 0) 150

Thesis topic as stated in the thesis protocol.