Dear Students,
          Internships will be started as of 06.07.2020 after the end of the 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Exams.
         As the central implementation of the Civil Aviation General Directorate is abolished, our students will find their places of internship and confirm by signing in the petition they give to the internship commission.
It has been reported that our students will perform their compulsory internships to the internship institutions recognized by SHGM.
           During the internship applications,
           Internship Acceptance Letter received from the institution he / she plans to do internship
           The trainee student information form should be filled in  /shares/shui/files/STAJYER_OGRENCI_BILGI_FORMU(1).xlsx  and the identity card should be submitted to the department internship officer with a duplex copy.
           You can reach detailed information from Atılım SHYO Internship Application Guide  /shares/shui/files/ATILIM_SHY_STAJ_BASVURU_KILAVUZU_2018.pdf  
  2019-2020 Summer Term internship application documents are signed and scanned and sent to the Department Internship Coordinator in pdf format at least 1 week before the internship start date.