Our gym opens in line with pandemic rules



  1. Our gym will be open on weekdays between 09.00 and 17.45, and CLOSED on weekends.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to enter the gym in your outside shoes.
  3. You are obliged to use a towel inside the gym.
  4. You may use the hand sanitizers available at 5 different locations inside the gym.
  5. All areas and pieces of equipment are to be disinfected by our aiding staff between 07.30-09.00 every morning.
  6. All treadmills, stationary bikes, and rowing machines will be disinfected after each use. Green labels with the statement “Disinfected for you.” will be attached to these machines. Please do not use the machines without labels. Please inform the gym attendant.
  7. Two basketballs will be ready to use for people wishing to play basketball, and these will be disinfected after each use.
  8. You may work out at the Fitness Room on an appointment basis. Only 3 people will be able to work out at the Fitness Room within the same hour. Fitness Room workout sessions are limited to 45-minute periods every hour. Ventilation and disinfection procedures will take place during the remaining 15-minute breaks in between.  Please contact the Directorate of Sports (586 89 94) in advance for an appointment (Fitness Room appointments are open from 09:00 to 17:00, leaving the final session to last at 17:45).
  9. If you wish to play table tennis, you may do so using your own rackets and balls.
  10. Pool tables are closed.
  11. The main field is closed for all team sports. Individual sports may be performed with each half of the field to be occupied by up to 6 people. 
  12. Our Cardio equipment (treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines etc.) have been rearranged in line with social distancing rules.
  13. Participants of our Total Body classes must bring their own mats and equipment. Classes will become available with a minimum of 8 participants. In addition, classes are to take place either at the basketball court, or in open air, depending on the weather and in line with social distancing rules.
  14. Up to 4 people may attend our Spinning classes (Based on demand, an alternate session may become available).
  15. Showers will be available.




Total Body: These are workouts for all of your muscle groups.

  • You may exercise all of your muscle groups in a single Total Body Training session as an effective workout.
  • Having exercised your muscle groups in full, you may rest and recover on the following day.
  • As the sessions involve various workouts, they are far from monotonous.
  • With many functional exercises to be performed at home, in the open, or at the gym, Total Body workout constitutes an effective form of training.
  • The program is very suitable for beginners.
  • With its intensity, it is also efficient as a fat burning workout.

Spinning: Spinning is a set of exercises on stationary bikes, performed in groups over music.

  • Spinning is an efficient form of exercie in terms of keeping fit, increasing your performance and protecting your cardiovascular health.
  • Spinning exercises strengthen your heart and increase your workout performance.
  • With an increased workout performance, your breathing capacity and resistance improve drastically. 
  • Spinning helps with a rapid weight loss.  With their intensity and duration, spinning workouts help you burn massive amounts of calories.
  • Spinning is ideal in terms of stress relief, energy release, breaking a sweat, and having fun.

Please note: If you wish to participate, please remember to bring your personal items (mats, sneakers, gym clothes, towels and water) with you.