Announcement from Dean of School of Medicine - 25 03 2020

Dear School of Medicine students,
As we are well aware, the world is struggling with the Coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, the outbreak has scarred our country as well, and bad news keep coming, increasing in number day by day. I strongly believe that we are going to tackle it through science and measures taken. The period for success is to change in relation to the diligence of the measures that we take. As is the case with all other institutions, we are to perform our duties perfectly. Apart from exercising personal hygiene, keeping our social distance, and following isolation and quarantine measures, we have to close our schools for a while. I hope the interruption will be short-lived. 
I also hope to have responded your current and future concerns on how to continue your education with my messages below.
In order not to waste our days away from the school, we are channeling our entire energy to continue education online, or via a digital medium. Initially, a resolution has been reached to upload all our course material onto MOODLE, our “Distance Education Portal”. 
I would like to remind you again that you are required to register to your courses to be able to see the uploads by our instructors making their courses available on the MOODLE platform. Your instructors are to keep you updated via e-mails through the FORUM portal on MOODLE once they upload their courses. You are also required to use your University e-mail account to be able to receive the updates through MOODLE.
In line with this process, we have aimed to strengthen the current infrastructure to support live course presentation, as well as to research infrastructure alternatives and supply them wherever needed, in a timely fashion.
In this scope, our University has purchased a new software (ZOOM) and made it available for our instructors.  Our instructors will soon be able to present their courses online, using the new software. We aim to implement these changes as soon as possible. Of course, a preparatory period would be required. Yet, during the preparatory period, it is our expectation that you as our valuable students follow your courses on MOODLE.
The MED102 examination is to take place at our campus, once the break ends.  The course MED104 shall progress as I have mentioned above. If YÖK (Higher Education Council) refrains from allowing the schools to open on the date announced in advance, the remaining committees shall proceed via distance education, and if required, performing the missing exams online shall be discussed.
You may follow our University web page to stay updated. In addition, we would also be able to inform you via other digital media, such as WhatsApp, if an update is the case.
I hope to see you, healthy and among our University family once again, and I wish for a healthy world.

Prof. Dr. Uğur GÖNÜLLÜ
Dean of the School of Medicine