Announcement to Medical Students - 23 09 2020

Dear Students,

COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rearrange the way the courses to be delivered in line with the directives of the  Council of Higher Education and the decisions of the Atılım University Senate.

For the second phase students; all the theoritical lectures will be conducted face to face while they are simultaneously recorded in the class-room environment to Moodle. The lectures can be reached on-line and their recorded  versions will be accessible to the registered students in Moodle.

The first phase students will be divided into two groups according to their student ID numbers.  One group will attend the lectures in the classroom, while the other group can access the recorded videos of the lectures in Moodle. The roles of the groups however will be replaced every week.

Attendance to the face-to-face lectures will be optional.

The medical skill practices and some laboratory practices have been postponed to the end of the second semester.

All exams however are scheduled to conduct  face-to-face. According to the progress in pandemic, exams can be carried out virtually by using remote examination application such as “respondus”.

Our University has been trying to take all the preventive measures against to the COVID-19 infection.  We know it will be difficult to leave your friends and your classrooms. We are doing this not just to protect you but also to protect other members of the community who may be more vulnerable to this disease than you are.

This decision has been taken now to facilitate planning, but as ever, will be reviewed should there be changes to official advice on coronavirus. Please follow the annoucements of the University.


We wish you all a successful and a healthy year.