Class-10.000 Clean Room

Ensures necessary sterile environment and equipment to conduct biological studies.

Class II Biosafety Cabin

An experiment cabin with extra-sterile and non-particle air-conditioning in order to directly work on cells in a clean room.

CO2 Incubator

Creates the isolated environmental conditions necessary for cells to maintain their life and vital activities.

MTT Plate Recognition Device

Characterizes bio-content fluid patterns through multiplates.

Deep Freeze (-86°C), Refrigerator

Stores chemical and biological compositions by preventing decomposition and degradation.

Ultra-Distilled Water System (UP&RO)

Produces high quality distilled water with low pollution in order to be used in all kinds of chemical and biological experiments.

Horizontal Autoclave

Sterilizes the equipment necessary to perform biological studies.

Centrifuge, Shaking Water Bath

Resolves, solves and/or heats the content of biological liquids.