Analytical Chemistry/Physicochemistry Laboratory

Accommodating 24 students, the Laboratory is equipped with ventilated cabinets for chemical materials, 3 laboratory counters with gas connection and 2 other counters for general use.

General Chemistry Laboratory

Accommodating 35 students on more than 100m2 area, the Laboratory consists of 5 counters with gas connection and 2 fume cupboards.

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Accommodating 24 students on more than 80m2 area, the Laboratory consists of 3 counters with gas connection and 2 other counters for general use. It is equipped with 8 acrobat arm ventilation system, a rotary evaporator and a drying oven to dry glass and chemical materials.

Chemical Engineering Laboratory-I

Chemical Engineering Laboratory I has about 100 m2 area. In the laboratory there are Reynolds fluid-flow system, series and parallel pumps, piping and connection system, convective drying system, thermal conductivity systems, parallel and cross flow, shell and tube, and double pipe heat exchangers. Basic chemical engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer and simultaneous heat and mass transfer concepts can be practiced.

Chemical Engineering Laboratory-II

In a 80 m2 laboratory space, students get the opportunity to practice the concepts taught in Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Separation Processes and Chemical Reaction Engineering classes. It consists of pilot scale stirred tank reactor operating under batch or continuous conditions, a plug flow reactor, gas absorption, distillation and solid-liquid extraction units. Students apply the concepts to plan experiments, acquire and evaluate data, and discuss the results.