Program Competencies

  1. Acquiring the skills of understanding, explaining, and using the fundamental concepts and methods of economics
  2. Acquiring the skills of macro level economic analysis
  3. Acquiring the skills of micro level economic analysis
  4. Understanding the formulation and implementation of economic policies at the local, national, regional, and/or global level
  5. Learning different approaches on economic and related issues
  6. Acquiring the quantitative and/or qualitative techniques in economic analysis
  7. Improving the ability to use the modern software, hardware and/or technological devices
  8. Developing intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary team work skills
  9. Acquiring an open-minded behavior through encouraging critical analysis, discussions, and/or life-long learning
  10. Adopting work ethic and social responsibility
  11. Developing the skills of communication.
  12. Improving the ability to effectively implement the knowledge and skills in at least one of the following areas: economic policy, public policy, international economic relations, industrial relations, monetary and financial affairs.