The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering covers communications, signal processing, high voltage, electrical machines, power distribution systems, radar and electronic warfare, RF, electromagnetic and photonics topics. Most of the theoretical courses in our department are supported by qualified laboratory facilities. Our department has been accredited by MÜDEK since 2013. Within the scope of joint training (COOP), in-company training opportunities are offered to our students. 9 different companies train our students for one semester within the scope of joint education and provide them with work experience. The number of students participating in joint education (COOP) is increasing every year. Our students successfully completed the joint education program that started in the 2019-2020 academic year and started work after graduation.

Our department, which provides pre-graduation opportunities to its students with Erasmus, joint education (COOP) and undergraduate research projects, has made an agreement with Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (Austria) starting from this year and offers its students undergraduate (Atılım University) and master's (Upper Austria) degrees with 3+2 education program.

Our department, which has the only European Remote Radio Laboratory in Foundation Universities, has a pioneering position in research (publication, project, patent).

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The mission of the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering is to play leading role in production and adoption of new information and approaches in education and research and graduate engineers who follow and contribute science and technology and integrate new developments into the society.


The vision of the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering is to become a department which spreads innovation nationwide and bring the society a step further by producing knowledge and social benefit with distinguished Electrical and Electronics Engineers.