Announcement on 2020-2021 Fall Semester - 25 09 2020

Education during the Fall Season of 2020-2021 is to Progress As Is (20.11.2020)

Dear students,

As you know, the education at our university has progressed in a partially formal manner during the Fall of 2020-2021. The notice from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in line with the resolutions reached at the Presidential Cabinet within the scope of the measures against Covid-19, dated 18.11.2020, maintains that individuals under the age 20 (those born after 01.01.2001) are to be subject to a curfew. However, “university students attending formal education and able to document their status as such” are not in the scope of such restrictions as per Paragraph 5 of Article C of the Resolution by the Provincial Board of General Health under Ankara Governorship Provincial Directorate of Health dated 18.11.2020, no. 2020/82.

In line with the aforementioned resolution by the Provincial Board of General Health under Ankara Governorship Provincial Directorate of Health, it has been decided that the education at our university shall progress as is.

Our students under the age of 20 may come to the university on the condition that they carry this notice and their student identification cards, as well as that they are able to present these documents where required.

Atılım University Presidency

Announcement about HES Code for our students (25.09.2020)

Dear Students,

As you know, our course registration starts on October 1, and your courses start on October 5. We wish you a successful academic year. For your health, we have increased the intensity of our precautions for the pandemic period that has been the case since March, and taken all the necessary measures at our University. Among these measures is the obligation of our staff and students to obtain their Untimed HES Code, and register it to the Atılım University Information System (ATACS). We will be running daily queries on these HES Codes via the Ministry of Health Information System. Staff, instructors, and students with HES codes tagged risky will not be admitted into the campus until their HES code turns safe.

Such students who are under a self-quarantine procedure may view the courses coded ONLINE on their course schedule online, and the courses coded HYBRID may be accessed via the cloud at will. Students who are unable to attend FORMAL coded courses due to their self-quarantine will be excused without any attendance issues, and their courses will be compensated at the end of the semester.

Therefore, we urge you to obtain an Untimed HES Code until October 1, 2020, and register your code on the Atılım University Information System (ATACS) by following the steps below. Have a healthy day.

Kind regards.

Prof. Dr. H. Yılmaz KAPTAN
Atılım University
Vice President

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Announcement on 2020-2021 Fall Semester (15.09.2020)

Dear Students,

The official letter dated 04.09.2020 from the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education following the letter from the Ministry of Health to the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education states that there is a need for certain decisions to be taken at the authorized boards of universities regarding the continuity of education, taking into consideration the importance of their schools and departments, for the Year of 2020-2021. In this regard, our semester of Fall 2020-2021 has been planned as detailed below.


Education and Training

  1. Our Fall semester is to initiate on October 5, 2020. Education is to progress in a hybrid manner, meaning partially formally, and partially online.
  2. The 20-student population count of the Department of Basic English (Preparatory English) classes has been limited to 12 to 13 for the current semester. Students are to be sectioned into three, and each group is to receive formal education at the University twice a week (with possible courses on Saturday). Attendance to formal courses is obligatory. Groups not attending the formal courses on a certain day are to attend the courses online. Details on this subject (as in the days and the groups to receive formal education, as well as student sections, classrooms, and so forth) will be announced on the Department of Basic English official web page, after the English Proficiency Test results are announced. However; for this semester, non-attendance will not deem our Department of Basic English students to fail their levels.
  3. Certain undergraduate and graduate degree courses are to be presented online, in full. The other courses are to progress partially in the formal manner, and partially online, with less courses presented formally.
  4. Individual announcements will be made regarding how certain courses are to progress, before course registrations.
  5. Courses to progress partially formally and partially online are to be presented  at our university in weekly intervals. The last digit of your student number is to constitute the basis of your intervals. Within this framework, students with odd and even numbers as the last digit of their student numbers shall alternate weekly, in terms of attendance at the University. The first week will see the attendance of students with an odd number as the last digit of their student numbers.
  6. Courses to be presented partially formally and partially online are to be recorded live. In this scope, classrooms are now furnished with a system that incorporates a camera and a microphone. Your course instructor will be sharing the links to the recorded courses with you via the Moodle platform. The video recordings of these hybrid courses will be accessible to our students via the Zoom platform. Attendance to these courses is optional.
  7. Laboratory and practice sessions are mostly to take place formally, at the university. Please follow the relevant Faculty/ Department official web pages for the announcements regarding such adjustments. Attendance to these courses is compulsory.
  8. Midterm and final exams for all courses are to progress formally at the university.
  9. Where formal examination procedures are not possible, your exams shall be sat via a piece of secure examination software. In this framework, our students will be required to have access to a computer with a web camera, and to follow the examination rules.
  10. Graduate Schools will post their individual announcements on graduate degree programs.

Campus Life and Classrooms

  1. All classrooms, laboratories, studios, and shared spaces undergo regular disinfection procedures.
  2. Since HES Code checks will be implemented at our campus, our students are required to obtain their HES Codes to be admitted into the university.
  3. Our students and members are to go through temperature checks while entering the campus.
  4. All students and members are required to use face masks in closed and open spaces.
  5. All students and members are to maintain a physical distance of 1.5-2 meters in closed and open spaces.
  6. Hand antiseptics are available inside schools. Please disinfect your hands before entering a classroom.
  7. Our cafeteria seating is currently undergoing adjustments in line with the rules on physical distancing.
  8. School buses are to be disinfected regularly. The ventilation systems of our school buses pump in 100% fresh air, and regular maintenance procedures are in place to ensure such ventilation. Maximum seating capacities will apply to school buses. Everyone is required to wear face masks on school buses. We expect our students to exercise caution, and try to use the same seats throughout.
  9. Students exhibiting a fever, coughing, having trouble breathing, or experiencing diarrhea should refrain from visiting the campus, and instead, go to a health care center. They are also required to inform the directorate of their department accordingly.
  10. Students with suspicious or COVID positive individuals in their immediate family or friends, as in students in close contact or contact with COVID-19 are required to inform the relevant department directorate/ dean of school upon learning about such possible/ actual diagnoses and refrain from visiting the campus.

Our plans are subject to changes as per the resolutions by the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education, or wherever deemed fit.

We pay great importance to your health as our valuable students. We shall continue our efforts to ensure the best conditions for you to keep pursuing your education.

We wish you a successful, and a healthy academic year.