The education policy of Atılım University focuses on training graduates who hold the information, skills, and competencies that are indispensable for their profession.  The education programs prepared in this regard aim to train individuals who are competent in research and able to use scientific information, who have learned how to learn, and exhibit a high level of environmental and social awareness, who respect human rights, and who are able to think creatively and critically. Our education policy also encompasses the following basic elements with regards to the continuous improvement of the quality of education that we offer:

  • Designing, implementing, tracking, and continuously improving the education programs in line with the current requirements,
    • Seeing all programs through meeting the requirements of accreditation,
  • Making learning enjoyable, productive and permanent through student-oriented teaching methods, techniques and interactive tools in learning and teaching processes,
  • Developing an ecosystem to support the development of faculty members and students, the most important stakeholders in terms of education and training processes,
  • Increasing the availability of digital facilities in education, and improving on the technology integration processes,
  • Improving on distance learning processes,
  • Rendering educational events and opportunities available and accessible to our students.

As stated in our quality policy; our education policy also aims to ensure stakeholder satisfaction by adopting the principle of continuous development and the approach of total quality management in all activities and actions. In this regard, the themes of “social sensitivity”, “understanding of sustainability”, “production and application of scientific knowledge”, and “qualified individuals equipped at national and universal levels” put forward by our mission have been taken into consideration. In line with these targets, Atılım University is continuously updated, and good practices are continuously developed in educational processes to provide our graduates with whatever they may require. These targets also align with the core values of Atılım University such as inquisitiveness, scientificity, universality, trust and reliability, respect for people and the environment, a focus on quality, corporate sense of belong, corporateness, respect for professional ethics, a focus on shareholders, productivity, innovativity, and creativity. 

The education policy of Atılım University is prepared with a focus on the mission, the core values and the quality policy of Atılım University, and aims to continuously improve on the quality of education, and in this regard, to ensure that our graduates acquire the top-level knowledge, skills and competencies required in their jobs and professions.  This way, all relevant academic and administrative functions of Atılım University are given the responsibility, and undertake certain activities.  These activities are planned, implemented, tracked, and subjected to continuous improvements under the title of education in our strategic plan.  Education targets determined in line with the needs of internal and external stakeholders are monitored by the Quality Commission and the Directorate of Institutional Development and Planning to ensure the continuity of improvements.