Students must download Workplace Approval Form (Annex-1) from the website of the Department and submit it to internship commission till 16.00, Friday, 11 May 2018 after it is signed by employing company or organization. No application shall be accepted after due date.


Consult with research assistants Gizem Sazan and Simay Özkan for ICM 299 Internship I (Site);

Gökçe Aykaç and Selcan Cihangiroğlu for ICM 399 Internship II (Atelier),

Özlem Kılıçoğlu and Dilşa Temel Günaydın for ICM 499 III (Office).


Internship duration must include a minimum of 20 work days. If employing company is also working on Saturdays, working days and hours must be specified in the acceptance letter to be obtained from workplace.


Documents to be submitted to internship commission (any missing document shall invalidate the application):


  1. Copy of ID Card
  2. Student Letter
  3. Workplace approval form (1 original and 1 copy) Internship approval document is signed by the chief to whom the intern will report and includes the information about the organization, exact beginning and end dates, weekly working hours and days.  Public holidays are not included in internship days. If students continue internship on weekends, they must also submit a petition signed by the supervisor at the employing company.
  4. Student information form
  5. Transcript (must be up-to-date)
  6. Hard copy of internship report preparation guide

After completion of internship:

Internship report: Students records all works, tasks and responsibilities carried out during the internship indicating their date and time in accordance with internship report preparation guide. Internship reports are prepared digitally and a soft (CD) and hard (spiral) copy is submitted to the commission within registration days in the beginning of academic semester following the end of internship. If internship report is not submitted before due date, internships shall not be accepted.


Workplace Internship Evaluation Form: Employing company must fill out, approve and give the Workplace Internship Evaluation Form to the student in a closed envelope (Annex 2). Internship dates and period must be written correctly.

 Important Notes:

  • Students who take courses in summer school should pay attention not to match their summer school academic calendar with internship dates.
  • Since summer internships are prerequisite, students cannot do two internships at the same time.
  • Students cannot do internship abroad as their insurance is not covered.
  • Internship reports must be submitted against signature in person.
  • Students doing internship in the same company must prepare separate and personal report. Only the information regarding employing company can be the same. Interning in the same workplace does not mean that experiences and internship outcomes will be the same. Copied reports shall not be accepted and copying students shall fail the internship.
  • Internship report must not include any plagiarism. If information is deemed necessary, website must be cited and a bibliography section should be created for references.
  • The report must be prepared in the order specified in Internship Report Preparation Guide.
  • Internship done in 2017-2018 summer period must be registered in the ATACS in 2018-2019 Fall Semester.
  • Students must consider the purpose and efficiency of internship in the selection of workplace.



Click here to download internship report files.