The students who intend to apply for Atilim University’s Top 50 Students Program must (i) have minimum GPA of 2.25, (ii) have completed minimum two semesters in an undergraduate program, (iii) have no disciplinary punishment record and (iv) be selected in the Top 50 Students program not more than once. The steps to follow your applications are as follows:

1. To check whether you meet application criteria for Top 50 Students Program by entering your Atilim user information in the application website by clicking below given link.

  • If you meet the application criteria, you may complete your application online. You may enter the page more than once until you finalize your application. Do not forget to save your data before logging out.

2. To enter your activities in the specified category in online system completely.

3. To upload supporting documents for the activities to be entered through online system.

  • You may obtain letters/documents from authorized institutions or persons for supporting documents and consult with the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs for more information.

4. To request a reference letter from an academic or administrative staff of Atilim University. The letter must be written in the online system.

  • The person who will write the letter may enter the reference letter through the Reference Letter menu on the main page by entering his/her Atilim user information.