Commonly paired with the term logistics, international trade is an irreplaceable, ever-developing element that even pioneers theory with its practices. International trade and logistics is a field that involves developing areas of commerce such as “E-Commerce” and utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

As we all know, E-Commerce reaches a volume of trillions of dollars due to special days and celebrations; whereas logistics is what fleshes it out. In addition, while e-commerce gains popularity during the global Covid-19 outbreak, logistics is what deems storage, transportation and customs duties possible.

At our Department, the education is offered in English with a program and a staff that grasp development; in addition to hands-on training at our simulation center. Assigning expert academicians and instructors, the department grants the opportunity to make observations in turkey or abroad, every year and in each semester. Similarly, our Department sends students to Erasmus programs, every year. Thus, our graduates are never unemployed.

Maintaining our state of being “the only”, “the first”, “and the best” in education, social life, and sports...

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To equip the students with expertise in the field of international trade and logistics.


To enable students to produce original and high quality academic papers in the field.