MATE502 - Advanced Thermodynamics of Materials (3 + 0) 5

Laws of thermodynamics and their application to the chemical behavior of materials systems. Thermodynamics of binary and multicomponent solutions. Phase equilibria. Thermodynamics of chemical reactions. Thermodynamics of phase transformations.

MATE585 - Materials & Processes Selection & Design Problems (3 + 0) 5

Design Process Steps; Design Principles; Computer Aided Engineering; Concurrent Engineering; Creativity and Problem Solving; Decision Theory; Computer Modeling & Simulation; Optimization; Information & Knowledge Sources for Design;Methods of Materials Selection, Processes & Process Selection; Interaction of Materials, Processing and Design; Design

MATE500 - Graduation Project (0 + 0) 40

Techniques and tools relevant to the design, analysis, development, implementation, operation and control of modern manufacturing and quality systems in Materials Engineering.