Prof. Dr. Sevgi LÖKÇE / +90 (312) 586 8905

Bachelor's: Ankara Architecture and Engineering State Academy Master's, PhD: Gazi University

Research Interests : Theory of Architecture, Architectural Design Education, Architectural Design, Criticism in Architecture.

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Prof. Dr. Selahattin ÖNÜR / +90 (312) 586 8907

Master's: University of Essex PhD: Middle East Technical University

Research Interests : Architectural Theory, Public Domain at Architectural and Urban Scales, Architectural Education.

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Prof. Dr. Şule PFEIFFER / +90 (312) 586 8909

Bachelor's: Ankara University Master's, PhD: University of Vienna

Research Interests : Art History, History of Architecture, Conservation of Historical Environment, Cultural Heritage Management, Urban History and Archeology, Art-Architecture-Propaganda.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filiz BAL KOÇYİĞİT / +90 (312) 586 8910

Bachelor's: Middle East Technical University Master's: Hacettepe University PhD: Gazi University

Research Interests : Architectural Acoustics, Room Acoustic, Acoustic Design, Resonator, Acoustic Measurement Techniques, Buildings Physics, Energy Efficient Design, Sustainable Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Ground and Surface Water, Architectural Lighting, Static and Construction, Architectural Design, Energy Efficient Architectural Design - Sustainable Building Design.

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Emel AKIN / +90 (312) 586 8912

Bachelor's: Istanbul Technical University Master's: Gazi University PhD: Ankara University

Research Interests : Konut, , , .

Asst. Prof. Dr. Feray ÜNLÜ / +90 (312) 586 8914

Bachelor's: Bilkent University Master's, PhD: Hacettepe University

Research Interests : Environmental Psychology, Semiotics, Space and Communication.

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