The Department of Textile and Fashion Design was founded to train versatile and sensitive designers, able to reach creative results through an artistic and aesthetic point of view. In this regard, the department offers an extensive syllabus that consists of theoretical and practical courses such as Basic Design, Sustainable Fashion, Experimental Design, Project, Art History to support the personal and professional development of students. 

At our department where all shareholders are constantly in touch, current developments are closely followed; while developing systematic and innovative practices catered for the field. Our students are granted an opportunity to work in leading companies of the sector before graduation through the Cooperative Education Model that integrates business life into education. In addition, the mandatory internship studies in the department program fosters the collaboration between the sector and the university. Moreover, with our academic agreements with many international universities, our students are granted the option to pursue their education abroad. 

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To train and educate sensitive and qualified individuals who perform well in original designs and applications, and are nationally and universally competent.


To become a department that trains and educates qualified and competent individuals who carry out original artistic works.