PHYS101 - General Physics I (3 + 2) 6

Measurement, motion along a straight line, vectors, motion in two and three dimensions, force and motion I, force and motion II, kinetic energy and work, potential energy and conservation of energy, center of mass and linear momentum, rotation, rolling, torque, and angular momentum, equilibrium and elasticity.

PHYS102 - General Physics II (3 + 2) 6

Electric charge, electric fields, Gauss` law, electric potential, capacitance, current and resistance, circuits, magnetic fields, magnetic fields due to currents, induction and inductance.

PHYS103 - Physics I (3 + 2) 6.5

Nature of matter, chemical elements, the structure of atoms, molecules and chemical compounds, solid, liquid and gases, changes between states, forces, moments, vectors, the center of gravity, elements of stress, strain and elasticity, tension, compression, shear and torsion, uniform motion in a straight line, motion with constant acceleration, vib

PHYS104 - Physics II (3 + 2) 6

Structures and distribution of electric charges in atoms, molecules and compounds, conductors, semiconductors and insulators, static electricity and conduction, electrostatic laws, Coulomb`s law, conduction electricity in solids, liquids and gases, electric field and Gauss` law, electric potential, capacitance, current and resistance, Ampere`s law,

PHYS108 - Physics II (Module 2-2) (2 + 0) 2

Nature of light; speed of light; laws of reflection and refraction: reflection at plane surfaces, reflection by spherical mirrors, refraction, lenses; fibre optics; wave motion: mechanical waves, sinusoidal wave motion, interference phenomena, standing waves; sound: speed of sound, production of sound, intensity, pitch and quality, Doppler effect.