Prof. Dr. Hasan Umur AKAY

As a result of urbanization and industrialization, the construction of tunnels, underground constructions and storage facilities are often used in the construction of subways, roadways, railways, wastewater disposal and storage facilities, water supply lines especially in areas with high population densities. Such structures generally offer alternative solutions that are environmentally and ecologically friendly, especially in terms of speed and convenience. The geological and geographical structure of Turkey has great potential in terms of tunneling and underground structures.

Graduates from universities providing education in the fields of construction, mining and geological engineering, lack knowledge in the design and construction of tunnels and underground structures. Consequently, such graduates must be educated in the design and construction of tunnels and underground structures, both to advance in their professional and academic fields and to make use of Turkish resources more effectively.

Atılım University’s “Tunneling and Underground Construction Master’s Program” was launched in 2008 and has both thesis and non-thesis options. Our graduate education is in Turkish and our program is arranged to accommodate full-time and part-time students. The courses in our program are designed and developed to meet the needs of students who wish to pursue academic careers as well as the needs of the private sector. We are proud of our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our academic education and especially our courses in engineering ethics.


As the Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering, I wish students in our Tunneling and Underground Construction Master’s Program a happy and successful and academic life.




Gökhan Tunç, Ph.D

Graduate School of Civil Engineering

Acting Chair, Tunneling and Underground Construction Program