TUR501 - General Tourism (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to basic notions, general subjects.

TUR503 - Tourism Legislation (3 + 0) 5

Specialties of tourism law, notions, and three main laws that are numbered as 2634, 1618 and 4848 in Tourism Law.

TUR518 - Tourism Investment Projects Evaluation (3 + 0) 5

The structure and general characteristics of tourism industry, tourism, investment and basic terms, tourism investment incentives and credits.

TUR598 - Term Project (0 + 0) 40

Research techniques, academic writing skills and term project.

ISL555 - Research Methods (3 + 0) 5

Research designs, probability theories, hypothesis tests, reliability and validity of measurement, model construction, multiple regression, multivariate variance analyses, correlation, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and econometric models.

TUR502 - Tourism Management (3 + 0) 5

Fundamentals of tourism industry including principles and practices.

TUR510 - Tourism Economy (3 + 0) 5

Tourism economy and term of strategy, science of tourism and economy, economic importance of tourism, tourism supply and demand, tourism market, economic impacts of tourism.

TUR511 - Marketing in Tourism (3 + 0) 5

Marketin notion, marketing planning, tourism marketing, touristic product, tourism markets, delivering systems.

TUR512 - Alternative Tourism (3 + 0) 5

Definition of alternative tourism, objectives, scope and types, alternative tourism and development areas; tourism product diversification, tourism product diversification in Turkish tourism, religious tourism, cultural tourism, nature tourism, health tourism, advantages and disadvantages of Turkey in alternative tourism.

TUR513 - Hospitality Management (3 + 0) 5

Basic concept of accommodation info, the classification of accommodation companies in Turkey and in the world; the concepts of management and managing, the functions, organizational theory and the organization analysis.

TUR514 - Travel Management (3 + 0) 5

Enterprises in travel business, their foundation, juristicial and organizational structure.

TUR515 - Food and Beverage Management (3 + 0) 5

F&B department, restaurant, bar, menu, menu types, drink selection, service types, guest relations, F&B marketing.

TUR516 - Hospitality Accounting (3 + 0) 5

Notions of accomondation companies, settings in Turkey, accounting organizations in accomodation companies.

TUR517 - Tourism Transportation (3 + 0) 5

Basic notions, functions, description and processes of tour operators, preparing tours, marketing and ticketing.

TUR519 - Tourism Guidance (3 + 0) 5

Importance of guiding, speciality of the guide, education of tour guide.

LOJ521 - International Trade (3 + 0) 5

International personalities, dispute settlement methods, history of international trade relations, WTO, GATT, multilateral trade agreements.

ISL501 - Contemporary Management (3 + 0) 5

Business start-up strategies, process of business foundation from both the practical and theoretical aspects of contemporary management theory.

ISL502 - Marketing Management (3 + 0) 5

Strategic planning and marketing process, marketing strategy; defining targeting audience and target growth in marketing mix, macro and micro environments of marketing, market segmentation, consumer and industrial markets and different aspects of those markets, consumer behavior, product, price, promotion and distribution.

ISL509 - Operations Management (3 + 0) 5

Demand forecasting, project management, quality management, supply chain management, planning and scheduling, and inventory management, materials resource planning (MRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as modern production techniques such as lean production, just-in-time production.

ISL511 - Human Resources Management (3 + 0) 5

Strategic human resource management, certain ethical, legal and social considerations, staffing, human resource development, compensation and benefits, safety and health, employee and labor relations.

HIR512 - Communication Strategies in Organizations (3 + 0) 5

The nature of communication in and between organizations; the problems between public and organization and their possible solutions; considering organization as a communication system; theories of organization.

SY509 - Health Tourism (3 + 0) 5

The economic importance of health tourism, types of health tourism, health tourism in Turkey, marketing of health tourism, health tourism policies and governmental incentives.