For thesis submission,

Students must comply with the principles and procedures stipulated in “The Guidelines for Online Submission of Post- Graduate Theses” available on Graduate theses will be published on electronic media by the National Thesis Center of the Turkish Council of Higher Education in order to contribute to further scientific studies unless there is a confidentiality clause laid down by authorized organizations and institutions. Applications regarding postponement of publication must be carried out in accordance to the provisions included in the third chapter of the Directive.


  1. 3 clothbound printed theses
  2. 4 completed and signed Thesis Data Entrance Forms* with a reference number (3 Forms must be put into a labeled A5 envelope attached to back cover of theses)
  3. A compact disc (CD) containing 3 theses in PDF format and attachments (WinRAR file) **Compact disc must be labeled and put into the A5 envelope attached to back cover of the thesis.
  4. Turnitin Evaluation Form (click here to download) (the Turnitin report including the percentage of plagiarism must be attached to the report)
  5. 3 A5 envelopes each with a label including the Thesis Title, Author’s Full Name, Higher Education Institution, Graduate School, Department, Type of the Thesis in English and Turkish.
  6. Thesis Writing Check List Form (click here to download)



A Proposal to Increase Bandwidth Usage in a Multiple Access Point Environment

Mehmet Kazım Gerçek

Atilim University

The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science

The Department of Computer Engineering

Master of Science Thesis

Çoklu Erişim Noktası Bulunan Ortamlarda Bant Genişliği Kullanımını Arttırmaya Yönelik Bir Öneri

Mehmet Kazım Gerçek

Atilim Üniversitesi 

Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü

Bilgisayar Müh. Bölümü

Master Tezi 


*Completion of Thesis Data Entrance Form (You must get an e-devlet password from PTT);

  1. You must enter Thesis Automation System,,  through e-devlet.
  2. Thesis data entrance form consists of thesis title, author’s name, reference number and other bibliographic information. The content of the form is temporarily stored in a file at the National Thesis Center Database, making it possible to correct any errors. A printable version is provided containing a Reference Number for subsequent use. Reference number on the thesis data entrance form is used in editions and controls to be made on the National Thesis Center.
  3. Thesis titles and abstract pages: Must be uploaded into the browsable sections of the Thesis Database. Therefore, you should not use font italic, tables, figures, diagrams, chemical or mathematical formula, symbols, subscripts, superscripts, Greek letters or other non-standard symbols or characters in such text fields.
  4. You must select Department and Discipline from the list and skip the line in case relevant option is not available.
  5. Enter the thesis keywords in the alphabetical list for direct access through the National Thesis Center.
  6. In case your related keywords cannot be found on the Index Terminology List in the system, enter the English/Turkish equivalents of your proposed keywords in this section.
  7. Abstract has to be written in both Turkish and another related foreign language, not to exceed 250 words.


**Preparation of Compact Discs:

  1. Thesis to be published in the National Thesis Center must be prepared in a single PDF file. The PDF content must conform to that approved by the Graduate School. As the Turkish Council of Higher Education makes no change in the theses, it is the author’s sole responsibility to ensure coherence in both the printed as well as the digital copy of the thesis and to include page numbering, illustrations, graphics, tables, etc.
  2. The file containing the full text of the thesis must not be compressed or encoded. Only the Appendices may be compressed using the WinRAR program.
  3. The thesis appendices in the form of text or copy from other sources must be included in the PDF file. Scanned or photocopied material has to be converted into PDF format, as well.
  4. The theses containing maps, computer programs, video or audio records must be copied onto a CD as one file using the WinRAR program and under the title referenceno.rar.
  5. The reference number in Thesis Data Entry Form must be used to name the files. Example:

Thesis text referansno.pdf

Appendices referansno.rar