Atilim University Engineering Faculty has a distinguished position among Turkish universities with its novel engineering departments. Founded in 1997 with only two departments, today, our faculty has been expanded to 14 distinct fields including Mechatronics, Manufacturing, Energy Systems, Automotive, Information Systems, Software Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Among the foundation universities in Ankara, our faculty holds the most engineering departments and is the first to offer Civil Engineering (2000), Mechatronics Engineering  (2002), Materials Engineering (2004), Information Systems Engineering (2006) and the first and only Software Engineering (2005) Programs.

In addition,  the first and only Software Engineering Department (2005) among universities in Ankara and the first among foundation universities was established at Atilim University. The faculty has 40,500 square meters of classroom, laboratory and office space.

Engineering faculty, which adopts the principle of raising well-equipped engineers who will play a role in the development of the country, contribute to science and technology, produce and apply technology, and establish relations with the countries of the world, played a major role in the establishment of the Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE), which is a first in our country and enables the development of high-tech products and has signed many outstanding projects and scientific studies.

The School of Engineering gave its first graduates in 2002. Offering undergraduate education in English allows graduates to find jobs easily in Turkey and abroad. The education in our faculty is further enriched by double major and minor programs in addition to undergraduate programs and in the scope of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, nearly 20 Engineering Master and Ph.D. programs are being carried out.

With the dynamic structure of being a young university, the School of Engineering takes firm steps forward toward its vision with its technological infrastructure which is open to development.