About the School

School of Engineering

With the awareness of the importance of power, dynamism, creativity and excitement for engineer candidates like you in the social, economic and cultural development of our country,  as Atılım University Faculty of Engineering, we say;

Being an Engineer Leaving a Mark on the Future; It is possible with a university that carry out education and scientific research activities in the fields of advanced technology with innovative and sustainable solutions from software to aviation and space, from energy to informatics, from design to robotics.

Atılım University Faculty of Engineering, which provides education with 14 departments, rich education and research laboratories infrastructure, academic staff who are competent in their field and have international achievements, is waiting for you to become the engineer of the future with your dreams and decisions.

We are here to help you reach your goals and leave a mark on the future…


To create a productive education and research environment where innovative engineers are trained to use and develop technology and offer it to the society.


To become a universally recognized faculty that contributes scientific knowledge with outstanding efforts in the field of research, education and public services with innovative and distinguished graduates. 


In our world where problems are not limited to geographical or cultural boundaries, the engineers of the future have key roles with innovative and sustainable solutions that they will put forward. The universities, which are capable of conducting educational and scientific research activities in advanced technologies from energy to health, from informatics to robot technologies, are the main source to raise such qualified engineers. In today’s world rapidly changing with these new necessities of the age, Atilim University, undoubtedly, has managed to keep pace with these changes thanks to its departments, educational and research laboratories and faculty.

Our Faculty embodies 15 Departments and 115 laboratories including modern, innovative and interdisciplinary departments such as Mechatronics, Energy Systems, Information Systems, Software and Automotive Engineering besides fundamental engineering departments. The rich content of our faculty provides engineering education in the widest range in Turkey.