Prof. Dr. Veli Cengiz ÖZALP

The main objective of Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences is to contribute the society with valuable scientists who are able to guide the research and practices performed in order to protect the welfare of our country and the entire world. Our students pursuing their graduate and doctorate degree education in their fields of interest shall learn the current and updated information and practices, and contribute to science with their unique research.

Another main objective of ours is to ensure a continuous and sustainable integration between our students and faculty members. With our state-of-the-art laboratories equipped in the best way ever possible at our students’ service, our qualified academic staff shall always support and guide our students.

The Graduate School of Health Sciences at Atılım University aims to raise scientists that are academically independent, connected to ethical values, transparent go-getters who prioritize the problems in the field of health care. Equipped with the latest information and gained expertise in their fields, our alumni shall adapt to their working environment at ease, and stand out in their fields. Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences invites you as valuable scientists wishing to stand out in the public and private sector to help you grow as researchers equipped with the latest, most detailed information.