Prof. Dr. Necla TÜLEK

/ +90 (312) 586 6114

Bachelor's: Hacettepe University Speciality Education: Ankara University

Research Interests : Antimicrobial Resistance, Immunology of Infectious Disease, Migration and Infectious Diseases, Vaccines and Adult Vaccination, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis Viruses and Viral Hepatitis, Zoonotic Agents.

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Prof. Dr. Ali ACAR

/ +90 (312) 586 6144

Bachelor's, Speciality Education: Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Military Medical Faculty

Research Interests : Medical Immunology, Bacterial Biofilm and Infections, Vaccines and Immunization, Transfusion Medicine, Antimicrobial resistance and infection control, Transplant infections, Viral hepatitis, Diabetic foot infections.

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Prof. Dr. Hülya ARIKAN

/ +90 (312) 586 6109

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD: Hacettepe University

Research Interests : Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Complementary Therapies, Diabetes.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Handan BOZTEPE

/ +90 (312) 586 6112

Bachelor's: Cumhuriyet University Master's: Hacettepe University PhD: Hacettepe University

Research Interests : Family Centered Care, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Communication with Children and Their Families.

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Doğan DURSUN

/ +90 (312) 586 6154

Bachelor's, Speciality Education: Ankara University

Research Interests : Intermittent hypoxia, Exercise, Metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome, Diabetes mellitus and obesity, Diabetic skeletal muscle atrophy, Diabetic cardiomyopathy, Ischemia reperfusion, Total oxidant/Antioxidant status, Erythrocyte deformability.

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