Prospective students who intend to apply for special student status must fill out Special Graduate Student Application Form and submit the same to relevant department. The Graduate School admits special students according to the approval of relevant departments and the decision of the Executive Committee of the Graduate School.

Regulation on Atılım University Graduate Programs

Admission of Students with special status

Article 9(1): (1) Those who have graduated from an undergraduate or are students of a higher education institute and wish to increase their knowledge in a specified area can be admitted as students with special status with the approval of relevant EABD.

Article 9(2): The special status students are issued attendance and success certificates for the course(s) taken. Such certificate indicates credits/hours of such courses. Special student status is not directly intended to rank in the top in relevant program and it shall not last longer than two semesters.

Article 9(3): Special status students taking program courses may become master’s student in case of meeting all requirements required for admission to the program. Maximum 5 of the courses taken and passed by the students admitted to a master’s program can be exempted upon the proposal of relevant department and decision of board for non-thesis master’s program and 4 courses for thesis master’s program.