Prof. Dr. Nurhan BAYRAKTAR

The Faculty of Health Sciences comprises of the departments of Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Nursing which have an importance place in health services. As a first in field of health sciences, our departments give education in English medium along with science and technology-based approaches and methods. We attach importance to create a scientific, artistic and cultural environment where our students fulfill their potential in research, creativity, problem-solving and leadership skills and improve themselves both individually and professionally.

In the pursuit of excellence in health education and services, our Faculty takes firms steps towards becoming a leading educational body which creates a cooperation model in practice and theory, takes active roles in developing health services policies, leads health tourism and is well-recognized in research, education and practices at an international level. Our international partnerships improve students in academically, culturally and individually and let them find and explore themselves. I would like to emphasize that the Faculty has a strong academic staff that can carry out health education and practices in parallel with global standards.

We aim to train well-equipped professionals who are keen on science, research and innovation, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork thanks to our collaboration with other academic units, able to work in cooperation, equipped with analysis and synthesis skills, aware of professional and ethical principles. Additionally, the University offers a rich educational environment with student clubs, sports and artistic events, incubation and research centers equipped with the latest technology.   

Entrepreneurship, progress and change will be achieved with modern and determined students who stay the course of science. Dear students, we believe that individuals raised with such a sense of responsibility will contribute to the development of health professions, and take justified pride on educating students with this vision.