Avionics Laboratory

 The Laboratory is established to introduce electrical and electronics components and their real life applications to undergraduate students. Students practice Electric Circuits, Electronic Circuits and Digital Circuits courses in the Laboratory. They can also detect problems on circuit boards and repair them.

Aircraft Communication and Navigation Laboratory

The Laboratory is used to give the students a good understanding aircraft’s avionics equipment. In the Laboratory, students participate in applied trainings and assembly avionics equipment used in real aircrafts. Students also develop logical and methodical approach to troubleshoot avionics faults inserted by the instructor.

Aircraft Electrical System Laboratory

The purpose of the Laboratory is to deliver information to students on multi-engine electric system of aircrafts. Students not only learn the functionality of each component, but they also develop logical and systematic approach to perform troubleshooting tasks. The system is laid out to depict a typical aircraft electrical system, and contains standard aircraft components and wiring.

Cockpit Instrumentation Laboratory

The Laboratory aims to give cockpit instrumentation training for electronic flight instruments and electronic engine display. Three degrees of freedom instrument panel permits full demonstration of attitude and directional gyro functions.