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2017-2018 Academic Calendar


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APM102 - Basics of Aircraft (3 + 0) 5

Aircraft and engine classification, weight fractions, atmospheric model, wing loading, lift and drag coefficients, take-off distance, time and take-off velocity, deceleration motion, landing distance, climbing angle and velocity, gliding, cruise flight conditions and the range of the aircraft, ceiling of aircraft, endurance, maneuvering, load facto

APM104 - Human Factors in Aviation (3 + 0) 5

Introduction, human performance and limitations, social psychology, factors affecting performance, physical environment, tasks, communication, human error, hazards in the workplace.

APM201 - Thermofluids (3 + 2) 5

Specific gravity and density, effects of compressibility on fluids, Bernoulli`s theorem, Venturi, temperature, heat definition, heat, specific heat, heat transfer, volumetric expansion, first and second laws of thermodynamics, gases: ideal gases laws, specific heat at constant volume and constant pressure, work done by expanding gas, isothermal adi

APM203 - Aircraft Mainentance Practices I (1 + 5) 8

Safety precautions, aircraft and workshop, workshop practices, tools, engineering drawings diagrams and standards, fits and clearances, riveting, pipes and hoses, springs, bearings, transmissions, control cables.

APM205 - Aircraft Materials and Hardware (3 + 2) 5

Ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials, composite and non-metallic materials, corrosion, fasteners, pipes and unions, springs, bearings, transmissions, control cables, electrical cables and connectors.

APM211 - Aviation Technical Terminology (3 + 0) 4

Aviation English about speaking and listening, radio communications, making telephone calls, incident reporting, communicating with team members, describing damage, troubleshooting problems, reading, writing, organising repairs, parts identification and ordering, using manuals, technical log entries, formal reports.

APM204 - Aircraft Maintenance Practices II (1 + 5) 8

Material handling, welding, brazing, soldering and bonding, aircraft weight and balance, aircraft handling and storage, disassembly inspection repair and assembly techniques, abnormal events, maintenance procedures.

APM208 - Aerodynamics and Flight Theory (2 + 2) 5

Physics of the atmosphere, international standard atmosphere, airflow around a body, boundary layer, laminar and turbulent flow, free stream flow, relative airflow, upwash and downwash, vortices, stagnation, the terms: camber, chord, mean aerodynamic chord, profile, drag, induced drag, centre of pressure, angle of attack, wash in and wash out,

APM210 - Aviation Legislation (3 + 0) 4

Regulatory framework, part-66, certifying staff, maintenance, part-145, approved maintenance organizations, Jar-Ops, commercial air transportation, aircraft certification, part-M, applicable national and international requirements.

APM301 - Aircraft Structures (3 + 2) 5

Airworthiness requirements, structural classification, fail safe life damage tolerance concepts, zonal and station identification systems, stress-strain, bending, compression, shear, torsion, tension, hoop stress fatigue, drains and ventilation provisions, system installation provisions, structure assembly techniques: riveting, bolting, bonding,

APM307 - Propeller (3 + 2) 7

Fundamentals, propeller construction, propeller pitch control, propeller synchronizing, propeller ice protection, propeller maintenance, propeller storage and preservation.

APM399 - Summer Practice I (0 + 0) 13

Practice of the subjects tought in the courses.

APM405 - Maintenace and Reliablity Management (3 + 0) 5

Basic navigational terms and principles, principles of magneti compasses, short-range NavaIds, long-range NavaIds, approach landing NavaIds, satellite navigation, surveillance systems, data transmission protocols.

APM409 - Helicopter Structures (3 + 0) 5

Theory of flight, rotary wing aerodynamics, flight control systems, blade tracking and vibration analysis, transmissions, airframe structures, equipment and furnishings, landing gear.

APM408 - Maintenance Flight Test (3 + 0) 5

The purpose of check flights, airworthiness guidance, check flight pilots, insurance cover, preparation for a check flight, large fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, light aircraft, vintage and ex-military aeroplanes, gyroplanes, the radio air check, post flight reporting.

APM406 - Helicopter Systems (3 + 0) 5

Air-conditioning, instruments/avionic systems, electrical power, fire protection, fuel systems, hydraulic power, ice and rain protection, lights, pneumatic/vacuum.

APM444 - Rocket and Missile Technology (3 + 0) 5

Entry information for rocket and missile design, problems of full-scale effects by the atmosphere, rocket fuel, solid fuel rockets, liquid fuel rocket and missiles, fuel composition, combustion, fuel grain, rocket engines, nozzle flow, rocket performance parameters, propulsion, propulsion coefficient, characteristic exhaust output velocity,impulse

APM302 - Aircraft Systems (3 + 2) 5

Air-conditioning and cabin pressurization, instruments/avionic systems, electrical power, fire protection, flight controls, fuel systems, hydraulic power, ice and rain, lights, oxygen, pneumatic/vacuum, water/waste, on-board maintenance systems.

APM308 - Piston Engines (3 + 2) 5

Fundamentals, engine performance, engine construction, engine fuel systems, starting and ignition systems, induction exhaust and cooling systems, supercharging/turbocharging, lubricants and fuels, lubrication systems, engine indication systems, powerplant installation, engine monitoring and ground operation, engine storage and preservation.

APM446 - Introduction to Composites (3 + 0) 5

Basic properties of composite materials,Matrix materials in composite materials,Reinforcement materials in composite materials,Matrix-reinforcement interface in composite materials,Manufacturing methods of composite materials,Mechanical properties of composite materials, Advanced composite materials

APM401 - Applied Airframe Maintenance (1 + 5) 7

Data buses in aircraft systems, components of a data bus and their function, common data bus standards, data bus protocols, avionics computers, aircraft data storage systems, issues surrounding aircraft software and its control, principles of displays used on modern aircraft, fibre optic principles and their application in aircraft.

APM403 - Gas Turbine Engines Fundementals (3 + 2) 6

The principles of aircraft electricity generation, the principles and use of aircraft batteries, the use of aircraft cables and associated devices, aircraft cabling tasks, aircraft power supplies, lighting systems.

APM499 - Summer Practice II (0 + 0) 13

Practice of the subjects tought in the courses.

APM402 - Applied Powerplant Maintenance (1 + 0) 7

Inlet, compressors, combustion section, turbine section, exhaust, bearings and seals, lubrication systems, fuel systems, air systems, starting and ignition systems, engine indication systems, power augmentation systems, turbo-prop engines, turbo-shaft engines.

APM404 - Gas Turbine Engine Systems (1 + 5) 7

Removing and installing aircraft instruments (sensors/transducers and indicators), troubleshooting, repairing and testing the instrument systems.