Prof. Dr. Reşat Özgür DORUK / Act. Head of Department

/ +90 (312) 586 8733

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD: Middle East Technical University

Research Interests : Theoretical Neurosciences, Biophysics, Dynamical Systems.

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Prof. Dr. Hulusi Bülent ERTAN

/ +90 (312) 586 8751

Bachelor's, Master's: Middle East Technical University PhD: University of Leeds

Research Interests : Electrical Machines, Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles, Electrical Drive Systems, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy.

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Prof. Dr. Sedat SÜNTER

/ +90 (312) 586 8328

Bachelor's, Master's: Fırat University PhD: Nottingham University

Research Interests : Power Electronics, Matrix Converters, Multilevel Inverters, Variable Speed Drive Systems.

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