EE597 - Master's Thesis (0 + 0) 80

Research methodologies, development, simulations, typical phases of the system development life cycle, testing, thesis documentation.

EE504 - Introduction to Systems Analysis (3 + 0) 5

Review of linear algebra concepts, classifications of systems and system representations, continuous and discrete time systems, state space realizations, analysis techniques: frequency domain, Laplace and z-domain analyses, solutions of linear systems, stability analysis; assessment of the techniques by a computational tool such as MATLAB.

EE506 - Computational Methods in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (3 + 0) 5

Root finding and numerical integration, fixed and floating point arithmetic and error standards, one and multidimensional interpolation and extrapolation, numerical optimization techniques, least squares, statistical methods (Monte Carlo), computational approaches to linear transformations (Karhunen-Loeve, discrete Fourier).

EE589 - Graduation Seminar (0 + 0) 5

Literature survey, article critique, writing research proposal, giving a seminar on thesis subject.