MECE101 - Fundamentals of Engineering (1 + 0) 3.5

History of engineering, definition of engineering, engineering and science, engineering and mathematics, engineering and society, methodologies of science and engineering, functions of engineers, philosophy of engineering, engineering ethics, presentation and report writing in engineering, case studies.

MECE102 - Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering (1 + 0) 3

History of mechatronics engineering, fundamental concepts in mechatronics engineering, mechatronics technology, applications of mechatronics engineering, mechatronics engineering education, case studies in mechatronics engineering, research topics and development trends in mechatronics engineering, industrial trips.

MECE228 - Microcontrollers (2 + 2) 5

Basic components of single board computers; introduction to microcontroller hardware; internal architecture, address, data, control busses and bus timing; assembly language programming concepts, assembling, linking and debugging; CPU architecture and instruction set; interrupts and interrupt programming; timer, counter, capture and Pulse Width

MECE204 - Dynamics (2 + 2) 6

Particles and rigid bodies with respect to planar motions; kinematics and kinetics, methods of Newton?s second law, work energy and impulse-momentum.

MECE206 - Product Development (2 + 2) 5

Fundamentals of engineering design; defining and solving engineering design problems; project planning; phases of engineering design; creativity in engineering design; presentation of engineering design; design for X; professional and societial context of engineering design; case studies in mechatronics design projects.

MECE303 - Theory of Machines (3 + 1) 6

Introduction to mechanisms: basic concepts, mobility, basic types of mechanisms; position, velocity and acceleration analysis of linkages; cam mechanisms, gear trains; static and dynamic force analysis of mechanisms.

MECE309 - Mechatronics Components (2 + 2) 4

Building blocks of mechatronic products; definition, identification, and classification of mechatronic components; sensors, classification of sensors; proximity, angular displacement, rotational measurement sensors; force and torque measurement sensors; pressure sensors; accelerometers; gyros; temperature and humidity sensors; light detection and

MECE399 - Summer Practice I (0 + 0) 6

A minimum of four weeks (twenty working days) summer practice at the shop floor of a suitable factory; practice on mechatronics technology, all of the steps of technology production, and related manufacturing technologies, and mechatronics design to a limited extend.

MECE332 - Mechatronic Instrumentation (2 + 2) 5

Sensors; signal types, signal characteristics; sampling and quantization; aliasing; A/D conversion; actuators; drive characteristics; D/A conversion; PWM; power amplifiers; mathematical modeling of various systems; controller design; classical controllers; state-space approach to control problems; design of a state-space controller; parameter and

MECE306 - Control Systems (3 + 0) 6

Design of continuous time control systems, discretizing the systems and controllers, implementing the closed loop system and analyzing and interpreting the results; Laplace transform, transfer functions, stability, steady-state error analysis, root-locus technique, frequency response.

MECE425 - Behaviour Based Engineering Design (3 + 0) 6

Introduction to engineering design theory and methodology, modeling in design, function-behaviour-structure model for design, behaviour-based modeling; review of sets, relations and functions; graph theory; discrete-event system modeling; Petri nets; traditional design approaches; recent trends in engineering design; behaviour-based design applicat

MECE431 - Advanced Measurement Techniques for Physical Quantities (2 + 0) 6

The measurement and presentation of physical quantities; different methods of measurement of these quantities; a wide range of transducers; analysis of a multitude of analog and digital circuits used to amplify, transmit and display electrical signals; the application of these modules in modern measurement equipment.

MECE441 - Artificial Intelligence (3 + 0) 6

Introduction to artificial intelligence, state-space search; uninformed (Blind) search techniques, informed (heuristic) search techniques, logical reasoning: propositional logic, predicate calculus, probabilistic reasoning, Bayes rule, reasoning under uncertainty, knowledge-based systems: rule-based expert systems, introduction to machine learning,

MECE445 - Robot Vision (3 + 0) 5

An introduction to the algorithms and mathematical analysis associated with the visual process; binary image processing, regions and segmentation, edge detection, photometric stereo, stereo and calibration, introduction to dynamic vision and motion.

MECE451 - Mechatronics in Automotive Engineering (3 + 0) 5

Automotive structures, suspension, steering, brakes, and driveline; basic vehicle dynamics in the performance and handling modes.

MECE491 - CO_OP Practice I (3 + 0) 5

Gain knowledge about company?s mechatronics engineering related field of work, observation and investigation of production technologies; in order to improve and expand student?s theoretical and applied knowledge gained through university courses, students have to observe and/or contribute to technical studies about design, production, cost analysis and similar work for mechatronics related products and/or processes of the company, reporting.

MECE493 - CO_OP Practice II (3 + 0) 5

Students are expected to improve and expand their theoretical and applied knowledge gained through their coursework in the curriculum by means of learning and investigating advanced engineering applications, and getting involved in design, research and development, production and process development activities of the company and reporting.

MECE447 - Path Planning and Navigation (3 + 0) 5

Introduction, kinematic models for mobile robots, mobile robot control, robot attitude, robot navigation, path finding, obstacle mapping and its application to robot navigation, application of Kalman filtering.

MECE499 - Summer Practice II (0 + 0) 6

A minimum of four weeks (twenty working days) summer practice at the research office-shop floor of a suitable factory; practice on mechatronics technology, all of the steps of research and development, and mechatronics design to a limited extend.

MECE401 - Mechatronic Design (1 + 4) 7

Review of engineering design concepts; phases of engineering design, feasibility study, preliminary design, and detail design; design for X; presentation tools for engineering design; types of engineering design; modeling of engineering design; case studies; open-ended capstone term projects.

MECE405 - Modern Control Engineering (3 + 0) 6

Design of continuous time control systems, implementation of closed loop system and analysis and interpretation of the results; Modeling in state-space, structural properties, state feedback control, observer and observer-based compensator design, stability analysis.

MECE404 - Intelligent Mechatronics (3 + 0) 5

Artificial neural networks (ANN), fuzzy logic (FL), genetic algorithms (GA); the use of ANN, FL and GA in control, estimation, planning, diagnosis, imaging, and heuristic search methods.

MECE406 - Digital Control (2 + 0) 5

Z-transform, discretization, stability analysis, steady state analysis, root locus, design in discrete time, state space and structural properties of discrete time systems, Lyapunov theory and observer based design.

MECE432 - Mechatronics Engineering Seminars (2 + 0) 3

Special speaking engagements of some success stories of company leaders and the department graduates.

MECE422 - Multidisciplinary Engineering Design (2 + 2) 5

Design process and methodology; identification of engineering disciplines, features and importance of multidisciplinary engineering design; systems engineering; need identification and assessment, problem definition; creativity and idea generation; methods and tools of functional/physical/task decomposition; design representation techniques, conceptual modeling of energy, information and material flow in technical systems; idea selection, decision schemes; product architecture

MECE408 - Undergraduate Research Project (2 + 2) 6

Literature survey, constructing the project, research methodology techniques; extensive laboratory work, analytical modeling, design experiences and presentation.