Industrial Automation and Robotics Laboratory

The Laboratory focuses on utilization, modeling, design, programming and control of robotic manipulators; sensor and actuator use in automation and robotics; engineering instrumentation and control applications; modeling, analysis and design of mechanisms, various robotic platforms and mechatronic systems for automation.

Flying Robotics Laboratory

The Laboratory is equipped with desktop computers and a test area for flying robot tests. Students also design and test mechanic and control systems of copters.

Sensors, Actuators and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Located on 25m2 area, the Laboratory is used to work on sensor systems and the intelligent systems related to sensors.  It is equipped with two power generators, oscilloscopes, digital multimeter and necessary equipment for soldering and electronic works.

The Laboratory has expertized in sensor system tests and integration of sensors into autonomous devices and robots.

Control Systems Laboratory

The Laboratory works on modeling, analysis, design and real-time control of dynamic systems. It is equipped with experiment mechanisms for robotic and mechatronic control systems.

Mechatronics Engineering Training Laboratory

The Laboratory is equipped with 27 computers, power supplies, oscilloscopes and digital multimeter.

It is used to deliver basic laboratory information for mechatronics engineering and electronics and microcontroller courses. Additionally, electronic measuring devices are used by students in project courses.

Project Materials Manufacturing and Assembly Laboratory

The Laboratory is used to solder and assembly various materials and to test and disassembly mechatronics design products. It aims to teach students proper and safe use of the devices and equipment necessary for assembly and disassembly works.

Swarm Robotics Laboratory

The Laboratory is equipped with indoor positioning system and three robots.

The aim of the Lab is to carry out algorithmic studies on the systems run with Robot Operating System and test navigation and path tracking systems of other indoor robots and devices.

Design Methodology and Behavior Based Robotics Laboratory

The Laboratory is dedicated to investigate design methodologies for mechatronic design artifacts, to develop and implement a systematic behavior based design methodology for robots at the conceptual design level.