Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdullah ERTAŞ

Dear Students,

I am pleased to welcome you to the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Atılım University.

Ever since Atılım University was founded in 1997, the preparatory school has been incorporated in the university which was progressively growing both in its quality of teaching and learning process and number of students. Apart from the preparatory school, another department was accompanying in terms of teaching English to students after preparatory school during their field studies.  For years these two sister departments separately worked, but they were in close cooperation with each other.  In 2016 the SFL was established and merged these two departments under its umbrella to further augment teaching and learning English at Atılım University. 

SFL was set up by the University Senate of Atılım University in the summer of 2016 , and since then made noteworthy contributions towards targeting the highest level of foreign language teaching to students of Atılım in English medium and Turkish medium departments.

It is the aim of the School of Foreign Languages to help achieve the university’s mission by reinforcing and continuing the high quality foreign language education through up to date teaching methodologies, research and learning and by integrating the strengths of the two departments attached. The course curriculum offered in the two departments reflect the latest foreign language teaching methodologies available in the field.

At SFL, we believe that we should constantly make efforts to make sure that the curriculum of the two departments is updated regularly so as to replicate the ever-changing needs. Besides, the syllabi are also internally reviewed by the keen staff in the departments depending on the needs and materials chosen.  We regularly invite external experts to give our instructors broader exposure on top of in-house professional development activities.

I take pride in announcing that SFL offers high level English communication skills and runs academic English and professional English courses with its dedicated instructors and support staff to help broaden the views of our students.

Therefore, we aim to make every effort to exhibit excellence, use our experience and skills in foreign language teaching.

The SFL’s website has been created primarily to inform you with our EFL services. This website would tell more about the staff, and administration of SFL and also the various courses and activities being run by us.

I wish you all the success.