Atılım University Civil Aviation Education Center (Hangar)

Atılım University’s Civil Aviation Education Center is fully  functional and authorized to provide educational and aviational services since the beginning of 2017 and is serving at Esenboğa Airport General Aviation Apron No: 6-29. 

Our Hangar covers a closed surface area of 1500 m2 . At the entrance level of the hangar, we have the main location for parking and maintenance activities for the Aircraft. At the basement level we have rooms for storing various chemicals as well as rooms for two big laboratories:  for airframe and engine maintenance and electrical and electronical departments of the school. We also have rooms for technical maintenance such as electrical power supply, compressor, heating and ventilating and water storage. In this floor, we also have dressing/changing/cleaning  rooms for our students.  On the first floor of our hangar we have class rooms, meeting and confrence room, office rooms  as well as a lounge and a cafetaria for our students. 

The apron just in front of our hangar provides access to the main runways of the Esenboga Airport . 

Our students find the possiblity of improving their practical skills by working on the available aircraft in our hangar. Besides, a  variaty of different aircraft are available  in our neighbouring hangars located  in the General Aviation region of Esenboga Airport that  our students can readily benefit from and observe the most advanced  technological  improvements on these aircraft. 

Furthermore, our students go regularly to our hangar couple days a week and practice on the aircraft in our  hangar activities such as dismantling, mounting and repairingof  various parts of the aircraft by following  relevant maintenance books and  check lists prepared.  No need to say that these practices will help our students enormously for their  future  professional  preparations.

Besides, in our hangar we provide professional ground services to other third party private aircraft companies, such as towing, parking,  fueling  and post and pre flight maintaining.  

We have in our education center various equipments such as aircraft towing equipment , portable external power supply, transportation vehicle, and jack for lifting aircraft as well as nitrogen and oxygen filling and supplying tanks. 

In short, with this modern Civil Aviation Education complex, our school has made a big leap in aviation by realizing all these aircraft maintenance activities live in a real hangar environment.