Module exams to be held at Atılım University,  Civil Aviation School, MEO are implemented in accordance with the following rules:

  1. The examinee must be present at the exam room at the time specified on the exam day, have a photo ID with him and show it to the Exam Supervisor when requested.
  2. You take the exam in civilian attire. None of  the tools or equipment required for a job or nothing helpful for the exam like sketch paper, books or documents related to exam topics, ruler, calculator or functioned watch, mobile phone, programmable computer etc. can be brought to the exam room.
  3. During the exam, it is forbidden to talk to the Exam Supervisor and other examinees, to ask questions, to exchange information, to change the eraser or pencil, to remove the questions  out of the exam room by writing them down on a paper , to leave the exam room for whatever reason, to smoke, and to make noises disturbing the others examinees.
  4. Examinees who are late for more than fifteen minutes are not allowed to take the exam. Examinees are not allowed to leave the exam room within the first 15 minutes after the exam begins.
  5. At the beginning of the exam, the examinees are ensured to sit on the place reserved for them by reading their names and showing the place to sit to each examinee.
  6. After the examinee sits on the place shown to him in the exam room, he signs the examination attendance form.
  7. Exam is started in the exam room in accordance with this procedure and the instructions of the Exam Supervisor.
  8. After the question papers are distributed, the examinee checks whether the questions belong to the module exam to be held. If the questions do not belong to the module exam, he submits them back to the Exam Supervisor. If the valid question papers for the module exam to be taken cannot be obtained, a record is kept on this matter and the examinee leaves the exam room.
  9. In the written exams, the examinee writes his answer into the places reserved for the answers on the question papers.
  10. If math operation is required during the exam, the examinee uses the paper given as a sketch paper to make the operation.
  11. Examinees must comply with the warnings made by the Exam Supervisor during the exam to ensure that the exam is conducted in accordance with the requirements of this procedure.
  12. At least two examinees must be present in the exam room. One of the last two examinees staying in the exam room cannot leave the exam room until the other examinee's exam has been completed or until the exam has ended.



Candidates who want to object to the exam results will be able to make their objections by fulfilling the following points.

  1. In order to object to the exam results, the following file should be printed out, filled out and signed, and then sent to the exam secretariat with the receipt of the exam objection fee, or by e-mail to
    "BEO Form 3B Teorik Sınav İtiraz Formu"
  2. In order for the objections of the candidates to be evaluated, the objections must be delivered to the exam unit within thirty days from the completion of the exams.
  3. The objection forms submitted by the candidates to the Exam Secretariat will be examined by the Exam Objection Committee and a positive/negative answer will be given to the candidate within fifteen days from the date on which the objections are received.
  4. The fee to object to the exam results is 150 TL, and it will be deposited to the following Atılım University bank account by EFT or other fund transfer methods. During the payment, the "Name and Surname" information of the candidate who objects to the exam results must be entered in the "Explanation" field.

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