The purpose of the Disabled Students Unit is to take necessary precautions, prepare the best physical environment and make adjustments to ensure full participation by disabled students in educational activities and to facilitate their education. 

Opportunities for Disabled Students

Atilim University offers the following opportunities to facilitate the life of disabled students at the campus:

  • Assigning companions for disabled students to ensure equal opportunities in education given the nature of their disabilities, for instance, offering writing courses instead of speaking in foreign language education
  • Setting up wheelchair ramps, toilets and elevators to ensure that the disabled can access such facilities inside the campus easily
  • Providing special transportation
  • Taking necessary precautions to ensure safety in case of fire and other emergencies
  • Providing one-on-one and general counseling services
  • Assisting in registration and other office affairs
  • Rearranging course schedules in a way to fit their academic life
  • Anticipating potential issues faced by the disabled and taking necessary precautions
  • Allocating special parking spaces for the disabled
  • Prioritizing the disabled students when arranging internships and job opportunities
  • Giving priority the disabled in public service areas, such as canteens, auditoriums etc.
  • Accommodating for special consultation by the advisors

Life and Fire Safety Regulations for the Disabled

  • It is essential to ensure the safety of the psychically disabled (walking, hearing, visual, etc.) in case of emergency and fire at the University because of their special conditions and disabilities.
  • All psychically disabled individuals including students, academic, administrative or technical support staff shall be subject to the same safety procedures in any event.
  • The actual nature of the disability of new students, and academic/administrative staff shall be determined and recorded, within the frame of this procedure.
  • Such determination and classification shall be made with a survey form when registering and employing such individuals.
  • New students or staff with physical disability are to be informed about the course of action in case of emergency on the basis of the action plans prepared by the University. In the same way, the companions who will assist these individuals are to be assigned and informed.
  • The information regarding the determination, classification and training of the physically disabled shall be carried out, reported and archived in the first month of each academic year.
  • The Disabled Students Office shall be responsible for the implementation of the regulation.

Regulation on Counseling and Counseling for the Disabled at Higher Education Institutions

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Disabled Students Office Staff and Positions





Prof. Yılmaz KAPTAN

Vice President

Supervising the operations of the Office

A. Aziz Seren

General Secretary

Preparing directives related to procedures

Asst. Prof. Dilek Karaduman


Providing psychological support and counseling

Kemal Senoglu

Director of Cultural and Social Affairs

Supervising the cultural, artistic and social development of the disabled students

S.Orkun Başol

Director of Student Affairs

Facilitating and informing the disabled students throughout registration procedures

Oktay Yıldız

Coordinator of Auxiliary Services

Providing the necessary physical equipment to create a suitable environment for the disabled

Mustafa Ercan

Head of Transportation Office

Ensuring the safe transportation of the disabled