Office for Students with Disabilities

Our Purpose

The Office for Students with Disabilities aims to take necessary precautions, prepare the best physical environment and make arrangements to ensure the full participation of students with disabilities in educational processes in order to facilitate their education life. 

Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Atılım University has the items below to offer for students with disabilities to help facilitate their lives:

  • Assigning companions for students with disabilities to ensure equality of opportunity in education considering the nature of their disabilities; offering writing courses instead of speaking courses in foreign language education.
  • Positioning wheelchair ramps, special bathrooms and elevators to ensure that all students may access educational environments at the campus easily.
  • Providing private shuttles for transportation.
  • Taking necessary precautions to ensure their wellbeing in case of emergencies and fires.
  • Assigning personnel to provide students with disabilities with the psychological aid and consulting services that they may require.
  • Providing assistance in bureaucratic procedures.
  • Preparing course schedules in a way to ease their academic life.
  • Determining the possible problems that students may encounter and taking necessary precautions accordingly.
  • Allocating parking lots for students with disabilities.
  • Favoring students with disabilities in internship and job opportunities.
  • Favoring, and offering special services for students with disabilities at common spaces such as canteen, cafeteria etc.
  • Providing convenience for consultation with their advisors.

Regulations on Providing Protection against Life-Threatening Situations and Fires to People with Disabilities

  • It is essential to ensure the safety of people with psychical disabilities (walking, hearing, visual, etc.) in case of emergency situations and fires at the University due to their special conditions and disabilities.
  • All people with psychical disabilities including students, academic, administrative or technical support staff shall be subject to the same safety procedures regardless.
  • Within the frame of this procedure, the disability conditions of freshman students, as well as the new academic and administrative staff shall be determined and the type of their disability shall be logged, where available.
  • Determination and classification shall be made with a survey form during registration and employment.
  • In the case of a physical disability, the conditions of the people with physical disabilities shall be considered, and plans shall be made on how they are to handle emergencies; these people shall be trained and personnel to aid them during such emergencies shall be determined, with both parties informed.
  • The information regarding the determination, classification and training regarding people with disabilities shall be reported within the first month of the academic year and on an annual basis, to be archived later.
  • The Office for Students with Disabilities is responsible for the implementation of the regulation.

Click here to view the Regulations on Counseling and Coordination for People with Disabilities at Higher Education Institutions.





Prof. Dr. Yılmaz KAPTAN

Vice President


A. Aziz Seren

General Secretary

Preparing directives related to application, providing physical and moral facilities

Kemal Senoglu

Director of Culture and Social Affairs

Implementation and Supervision

Erbil İnce

Director of Construction      

Planning and Realizing Physical Areas

Asst. Prof. Dr. Dilek Karaduman


Conducting psychological support and counseling services

Mustafa Ercan

Director of Transportation

Conducting transportation services

Sefa Orkun Basol

Director of the Directorate of Student Affairs

Providing assistance and information to students with disabilities at the Directorate of Students Affairs

Oktay Yıldız

Director of Internal Services

Preparation of accessible education environments, providing tools and equipment

Dr. Res. Asst. Mehtap Tufan


Advisor for Students with Disabilities, School of Engineering

Dr. İrem Metin Orta


Advisor for Students with Disabilities, School of Arts and Sciences

Res. Asst. Res. Asst. Nazlı Yıldırım


Advisor for Students with Disabilities, School of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture