How is Information Systems Engineering described as an engineering branch?

Information Systems Engineering is a new generation engineering branch and it is an engineering branch that presents an approach, method, model or system blended with current technology in the name of controlling, operating and managing the process and organization between the production and consumption of information. There is a multi-disciplinary approach in its structure.

What is the difference between the Computer and Software Engineering?

While Information Systems Engineering mostly represents a wider framework in the context of information and organization issues, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering are more involved in its details. While Computer Engineering is dealing with hardware strategy and usage, Software Engineering focuses on software development processes that provide information with hardware.

Which courses are given in the Information Systems Engineering Department?

The curriculum consists of department-specific courses and service courses from Software, Computer, Industrial Engineering, and Business Administration. The courses differ in their theoretical and practical structures as well as compulsory and optional. Students can choose a wide range of courses in accordance with their wishes. Course programs can be seen on the department's website. Lecturers at the same time are constantly improving their course content and materials by carrying out important projects on a national and international scale.

Are there sufficient academic staff in the Information Systems Engineering Department?

The department has experienced and expert academic staff. In addition, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering faculty members contribute to the courses in the Information Systems Engineering Department and extend their current staff to thirty. Communication of the lecturers with the student is not only limited with the class hours. The student can access face-to-face or in electronic/virtual environment during the office hours with the lecturer. In addition to the courses, students can actually take part in national and international projects carried out by faculty members.

Does the Information Systems Engineering Department have Accreditation?

MÜDEK, which is an independent organization that carries out the accreditation procedures in our country, has not yet finished its structuring at the level that can give accreditation to new generation departments with its existing structure and units. Information Systems Engineering is also among these departments. Initiatives are underway with international accreditation bodies (eg ABET) without waiting for the completion of this process by the university administration. However, the Information Systems Engineering Department carries MÜDEK standards in terms of its infrastructure and operation.

Which qualifications should I have to choose Information Systems Engineering?

Information Systems Engineering is undoubtedly the right address for you if you want to have an analytical and solution-oriented structure, if you are curious about and researching technological innovations, if you are good at computer and math, if you are responsible, disciplined and patient, if you are a team player.

Can I find a job when I graduate from the Information Systems Engineering Department?

Graduates of the department can find a wide range of jobs that can be included in different job descriptions that match their engineering field. You can apply for information systems such as Information Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Computer Engineer, Software Engineer as well as Data and Cloud Analyst etc. You can also take part in such roles that have just begun to be heard.

You can be an administrator, entrepreneur or consultant. On the subject scale, design and development of information applications, big data process, artificial intelligence, wearable technology, robotics etc. information technology research, data, risk and security analysis, process design, workflow, e-business, e-transformation e-commerce projects, marketing and sales services of information solutions, customer and supply chain, corporate management support systems etc. You can serve in areas. Both government agencies and the private sector know enough about the Information Systems Engineer label and depth.