Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neşe ALKAN

Psychology tries to understand human behavior, thinking and feeling by using scientific methods. Since it is both the art and science of understanding the human, psychology education requires strong theoretical knowledge as well as practice and apprenticeship.

The department was founded in 2004 and has the feature of being the first Psychology Department established in Ankara among the Foundation Universities.

Our department aims to equip its students with excellent theoretical background with skills that they acquire through active involvement in their undergraduate studies. Psychology Department at Atilim University gives students flexibility and offers a variety of elective courses so that they can tailor their studies to fit their interests and career goals.

Through close contact with faculty members and other student service departments, we can establish one to one relationship with each student so that they have a supportive environment for their personal and professional development.

During their first two years, students take basic core courses in different areas of psychology, such as developmental, learning, cognitive, social, industrial/organizational and clinical psychology. In the last two years of their undergraduate education, for those who wish to work in the field after graduation, we provide a wide range of courses so that they can concentrate in one of the following three tracks clinical/counseling, cognitive/experimental or developmental psychology. During their junior and senior years, students will have the opportunity to be involved in the practice of psychology through applied courses and volunteer community work. For those students who intend to pursue further education in psychology and concentrate on research, we encourage involvement in ongoing research, and design and conduct their own research project in their senior year.

With our distinguished, experienced and dynamic academic staff and our deeply rooted, rich curriculum; we are proud to be one of the most distinguished Psychology Departments in the field.  We invite you to be part of this family if you love yourself, others and, learning.