1. In order to graduate, the students of Computer Engineering Department have to complete two summer practices; one of which is at the end of the 4th term (CMPE 399) and the second one is at the end of 6th term (CMPE 499).
  2. First of these summer practices takes 20 workdays and the second one takes 30 workdays.
  3. The students may ask any kind of questions related to the summer practices to Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Arda Sezen.
  4. In order to take CMPE 399 "Summer Practice I", the students have to be successful in “CMPE 225 Object Oriented Programming” while to take CMPE 499 "Summer Practice II" they have to be successful in “CMPE 226 Data Structures”.
  5. A student can do his/her summer practice in the period starting at the end of final exams of the spring semester and ending at the beginning of the fall semester.
  6. If a student does his/her summer practice during the summer school then the student should extend the summer practice duration for the days that s/he comes to the summer school.
  7. The students must take an "acceptance letter" from the institution/ company that they are going to have their summer practices.  The starting and ending dates and daily working hours should be stated on the letter. (See Documents Required)
  8. According to the notification by Social Security Institution, Work Accidents and Occupational Disease Insurances shall be made for the students who are supposed to have their summer practices. Since it would not be possible for students to start their summer practices prior to completing their insurance duties, they must hand in the required documents stated below at least 10 days before the starting date of the summer practice. (See Documents Required)
  9. After all the necessary documents are handed in to the Department’s Secretary, it will be possible for the students to start the summer practice by taking the employment document from Personnel Directorate.
  10. The students who fulfill all the requirements above will get their internship assessment and career survey form as sealed. The students will take this document to the institution/ company where they will work. At the end of the summer practice period this document will be filled and sent by the institution/ company to the Department’s Secretary.
  11. The summer practice reports shall include  front page and shall be written according to the Guidelines and Format of the Report using a word processor. Spelling check should also be done.
  12. The students who complete their summer practices must register to CMPE 399/ 499 Summer Practice I/ II courses in the following Fall term. If a student can not register to these courses in the following Fall term, s/he has to do it in the next Spring term. If s/he does not register to these courses in the Spring term following to their summer practice either, s/he has to repeat his/her summer practice.
  13. The summer practice reports "in two copies" should be handed in till the end of  3. week of the registered term (when student registers summer practice course, CMPE 399 or CMPE 499). Additionally the summer practice reports should be uploaded to Moodle.

Documents Required

  1. Certificate of Acceptance including name of the institution/ company, starting and ending dates of the summer practice, weekly working hours written on a letter head and signed by the supervisor of the intern. Vacation dates must be considered and the vacation date duration must be added to the internship duration. (1 Xerox and 1 orijinal)
  2. Duplex Identification Card Xerox
  3. 4 Photos (three of which are for summer internship assessment forms)
  4. Using the link below fill the  "Intern Information Form". Printer friendly Intern Information Form will be automatically created and sent to your e-mail address. Print out one copy that you received with e-mail, sign it and bring it to the secretary of the department.
  5.  Internship Assessment and Career Survey Form: Required parts will be filled and a picture will be added for each page. The students that will do their internship abroad, should fill the English internship assessment form.
  6. Prepare the documents above at least 10 days before the start of your summer practice and deliver to Department Secretary.
  7. After the delivery of documents and before 1-20 work days starting to the summer practice, the students can get the employment document from Personnel Directorate. The signed document will be delivered to the institution/ company where student will work and by this way the internship officially starts.
  8. The students will deliver Internship Assessment and Career Survey Form to the work.

Internship Procedure