Dear Students

The Peer Leader program of the Department of Mathematics is a program designed to enable you to work together with your friends who are successful in mathematics courses in a friendly and comfortable environment around a table. In the program, you will be supported in problem solving in the MATH 151 Calculus I, MATH 152 Calculus II courses given to the departments of the Faculty of Engineering, and in programming only with MATLAB in the MATH 380 Numerical Methods for Engineers course. We want you to know that the Peer Leader Program is NOT a RECITATION program.

The program will take place in the Faculty of Engineering class B-1043.

Your Peer Leader friends will be ready for you in the Faculty of Engineering B-1043 on the following days and hours and will be waiting for you. We expect you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of your Peer Leader friends. You can ask them the issues you don't understand; the questions you can't solve. You can benefit from their experience as they have already taken these courses and are successful. They have volunteered for this task and are ready to assist you.


Of course, there is no obligation to continue in this program, however, we care about your regular attendance in terms of your gains.

We wish you success in all your studies, and we wish you a comfortable study together in a friendly environment.

2023 - 2024 The Peer Leader Program
Application to the Peer Leader Program