Criteria to be sought in the application

To meet the criteria of the Atılım University Minor Directive.
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The courses to be taken within the scope of the Minor program from the Mathematics Department are listed below:

1. MATH325 Elementary Number Theory 

2. MATH326 Coding Theory

3. MATH331 Abstract Algebra

4. MATH332 Finite Fields

5. MATH427 Introduction to Cryptography 

6. MATH448 Algorithms(*)


(*) Equivalent courses

“MATH448 ” and “CMPE323” are equivalent courses.

Students who have an equivalent course in their compulsory program take the course in the Department of Mathematics program and count them in their own program. However, if the equivalent course has been taken before starting the minor program, instead of the relevant course in the minor program, they take an elective course in the Department of Mathematics program recommended by the Department of Mathematics at the time of admission to the minor program.


Suggested Course Order

3. Year




MATH325 Elementary Number Theory
MATH331 Abstract Algebra

MATH332 Finite Fields


                                                                   4. Year




MATH427 Introduction to Cryptography

MATH326 Coding Theory

MATH448 Algorithms