Criteria to be sought in the application

1.  To meet the criteria of the Atılım University Minor Directive.
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2. It is required to take the grade at least CC from MATH 102 or MATH 152


The courses to be taken within the scope of the Minor program from the Mathematics Department are listed below:
1. MATH313 Introduction to Mathematical Finance 
2. MATH316 Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
3. MATH392 Probability Theory and Statistics (**)
4. MATH417 Computational Methods of Mathematical Finance
5. MATH437 Basic Statistical Methods and Financial Applications
6. MAN304 Financial Management II
7. ECON325 Economic Indicators and Financial Markets Analysis
8. ECON481 Advance Data Modeling


(**) The student may substitute a course equivalent to this course in his/her department instead of this course. The counting process takes place with the written request of the student and the approval of the Mathematics Department Minor Program Coordinator.