Criteria to be sought in the application

  1. To meet the criteria of the Atılım University Minor Directive.
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  2. To have an average of at least 2.00 in first year Calculus courses


The courses to be taken within the scope of the Minor program from the Mathematics Department are listed below:

  1. MATH 111 Basic Logic and Algebra
  2. MATH 231* Linear Algebra I
  3. MATH 251 Advanced Calculus I
  4. MATH 252 Advanced Calculus II
  5. MATH 262* Ordinary Differential Equations
  6. MATH xxx Elective (*)
  7. MATH xxx Elective (*)

(*) Elective courses are 3XX or 4XX-coded mathematics courses of the Department of Mathematics and will be offered to students by the Mathematic Department Minor Program Coordinator.

MATH231 can be substituted instead of MATH275 and MATH262 can be substituted instead of MATH276 in the major program. If students take MATH275 and MATH276 before the beginning of the minor program, instead of these courses, they take compulsory or elective courses with the code MATH 3xx or MATH 4xx in the Mathematics Department. Which compulsory or elective course will be taken is determined by the Head of the Mathematics Department.

Students may substitute the above courses as elective courses in his/her major program provided that his/her major program accepts them. Which of the above courses in the minor program can be substituted in the major program as an elective course is determined by the student's major department.