Why should I study at Atılım University under the Department of Mathematics?

  • A student population of only scholarship students, with either 100% or 50% scholarships,
  • Competent and experienced academic staff,
  • A low number of students per academic advisor (under 5)
  • The opportunity to obtain a certificate in Mathematical Finance and/or Cryptography,
  • The opportunity to pursue a Double Major or a Minor within the framework of our Regulations and Instructions,
  • A flexible program schedule that allows for growth in your fields of interest,
  • The option to pursue an academic career after our graduate-level education,
  • A state-of-the-art computer laboratory,
  • The opportunity to study and research at an amazing library.

What are the numbers as per your academic staff?

Our Department has 17 faculty members consisting of 6 Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 2 Associate Professors and 3 Research Assistants.

Do you have international students?

We have had international students, some of whom are still pursuing their degrees, in our Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

What are the sectors in which your graduates may be employed?

Our graduates mainly work in education, software, banking and finance, information security, as well as the R&D units of public and private institutions. In addition, we have graduates choosing to pursue an academic career at the University.

When did the first alumni of your department graduate? How do you keep in touch with your graduates?

The first alumni of our department graduated in 2005. We keep in touch on social media via our Graduates Group, and through certain events hosted by our Alumni Communications Office.

What is your ranking among other departments of mathematics?

As per the data from the year 2018, the base and top points are, respectively: Around 233,000and 257,000 for a quota of 12 students with a 75% scholarship with the ranking of 372,000, and around 299,000 and 285,000 for a quota of 3 students with a 100% scholarship with the ranking of 185,000. In addition, our quotas are full, and they have been so in the recent years (last 4 years).

How is the relationship between your academicians and students?

Since we have a limited quota, the number of students per academicians are fairly low. This allows for our students to contact their academic advisors, or other faculty members, in an easy and comfortable manner. In addition, with the limited number of students taking program courses, our faculty members are able to track students individually, as well as their success, and have one-on-one sessions where needed for our students to improve where they see the need.

Do your successful graduates get to work at the University? Would such opportunities arise?

Our successful students study and solve problems with their peers having difficulty in certain courses, within the scope of our “Share the Success Program”. Students employed under the program are paid by the hour.