Prof. Dr. Dilaver TENGİLİMOĞLU

/ +90 (312) 586 8834

Bachelor's, Master's: Hacettepe University PhD: Gazi University

Research Interests : Marketing, Health Business Management, Health Tourism.

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Hasan Serdar HOŞ

/ +90 (312) 586 8032

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD: Ankara University

Research Interests : Humanitarian Law, Human rights, Law and Ethics, Sociology of Law, Legal Theory, Philosophy of Law, Just War, General Theory of State, Sports Law.

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Instructor Dr. Eşref Uğur ÇELİK

/ +90 (312) 586 8840

Bachelor's, Bachelor's: Atılım University Master's: Çankaya University PhD: Atılım University

Research Interests : Indexing, Macroeconomic Performance, Socio-political Performance, Economic Growth, Development, Institutions, Political Economy.

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Cengiz KULAKSIZ

/ +90 (312) 586 8057

Bachelor's, Master's: Ankara University PhD: Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt am Main

Research Interests : Civil Procedure Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Alternative Dispute Solutions, Judicial Organization.

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Gökşen ARAS

/ +90 (312) 586 8237

Bachelor's: Hacettepe University Master's: Atılım University PhD: Ankara University

Research Interests : Victorian Novel, Gender and Literature, Travel Writing, Romantic Poetry, Psychoanalytical Theory, Cultural Studies, Women Studies, Gender and Literature, Realism in Fiction, Feminist Theory, Literary Terms and Movements, Literary Theory, 19th c. Romantic Poetry, 18th C. English Novel.

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