Students who intend to suspend their education must apply to relevant department with a letter and documents proving their excuse, if available. The Graduate School accepts or rejects suspension request of students according to the approval of relevant departments and the decision of the Executive Committee of the Graduate School. You may contact with the Directorate of Financial Affairs and Budget to be informed about suspension fees:

Suspension Application Draft Petition


Regulation on Atılım University Graduate Programs


Article 11(1): The students can take a leave for a maximum of two semesters in master’s programs and four semesters in doctorate programs provided that their excuse is approved by Executive Committee. The period of leave is not counted for period of study. The students on leave cannot attend courses and take exams during leave.

Article 11(2): Applications for leave can be made within four weeks following start of courses.

Article 11(3): The issues with regard to the tuition fees of the students who apply for leave shall be determined by the Board of Trustees.