Student Transfer Process

Candidates intending to be transferred to the programs of our graduate school are required to apply to the relevant department major with their application letter, a recent student certificate, their transcript, their high school graduation documentation, ALES results matching the program conditions, and the application fee (only for external applications).

Transfer Application Draft Petition


Regulation on Atılım University Graduate Programs

Student admission through undergraduate transfer

Article 6(1): The successful student who has completed a minimum of one semester at a master’s program at the University or any other higher education institution may be admitted master’s programs at the University through student transfer with department’s proposal and board decision provided that the required documents are submitted within the required time. The said decision shall also indicate the courses the student are exempted in the program. The student transferred to another higher education institution must have met the requirements specified under article 5. The credit equivalence for the students transferred from higher education institutions where period of semester is longer than the period applied at the University shall be fixed by the concerned Executive Committee.

Article 6(2): The tuition fees payable by students admitted through transfer shall be specified by the Board of Trustees.

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